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Theta Xi Kappa Chapter

We Have the House, Now We Need Your Support

Dear Brothers,

Many of us have very fond memories of our Theta Xi house at 902 South 6th Street, or maybe more accurately fond memories of activities that took place AT 902 South 6th Street.  Many of us also enjoyed the flexibility that house afforded us to make our own personal modifications, within the rough guidelines of not excessively impairing the structural integrity.  However, our home is now too small and too outdated for a modern fraternity.

As you may know, a new home for Theta Xi has been secured, larger, closer to campus, and with far greater potential.  However, this solid building is in need of extensive remodeling and repair before it can be our new home, and a livable space for our actives.  The cost of doing this is quite high, but will be worth the effort.  

While these larger tasks are critical, the generous starter donations given at homecoming have been used to secure the building (new locks, plywood over basement windows and missing third floor windows) and we are obtaining a 40ft conex container for external storage. 

With such a small Kappa Chapter alumni population, we need everyone to pitch in to the extent possible.  Would you consider a one-time donation, or a smaller, recurring amount to help out with this worthy cause?  The interior renovations will come later, but in order to support the needed exterior renovations, we need to increase the monthly recurring donations to about $2,500 per month.  That will require about 34 new recurring, monthly donors to participate.   Can you help?  If you prefer to make a one-time donation, that would help raise the approximately $50,000 needed for the down payment on the renovation construction.  Recurring or one-time donations may be arranged here.

The Blakely Avenue building will be a wonderful home for future Rose students, and a place we can be proud to visit as Kappa Chapter Alumni.  You can donate, or set up a recurring contribution.  Please contact the alumni officers for sponsorship and naming opportunities.  This is a big ask, but we all had the opportunity to live incredibly inexpensively at 902 South 6th when we were students, and we have an opportunity to provide an even better experience for our future Theta Xi brothers.  Please join me in supporting this worthy cause.


Jeff Papa

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